Letting The Students’ Creativity Bloom

Creativity is the essence of all learning. This is what I have concluded after years of attending school and cramming the brain with the information (most of which has been forgotten already). Effective learning always constitutes the impressions that last so in a way it can be said that learning through experiences that are fun, lasts longer than the traditional sort.

Most of our teachers spend hours helping us memorize things; assessing our performance and commenting on our homework assignments but a good part of it is lost in the dark dungeons of the backpacks. It’s not that students don’t learn anything in the classroom at all but this is certainly not the maximum educational productivity that can comply with the needs of the future. You do learn new skills but the futuristic approach is missing and the teachers are always left with challenge of giving their students lasting knowledge that can stay with them beyond the examination halls.

Over the last couple of years a lot has changed as many top notch educational institutions have identified the need of incorporating technology in their traditional classrooms. The transformative power of web and mobile apps for education has enabled the students as well as teachers to take their learning and teaching experience to a whole new level. Now people use Google communities and other interactive platforms, e-learning tools and digital grading solutions to help them learn and teach beyond the physical constraints. Now on the spot research, writing, sharing and revising seamlessly in a class of so many students is just as easy as pie and using the right technology in the classrooms, students can definitely be made the master of their own learning.

I emphasize more on the “right technology” here because we just cannot set the students free with random gadgets, assuming that they’ll draw the best out of it. An example of it is the use of Google drive in the classrooms that didn’t really turn out to be very helpful because there were so many untitled documents; important files moved to trash and ignored comments. An effective supervision clearly cannot prevail using such technology.

What classrooms of today need is a mixture of Google technology with a fair deal of administrative tools that can ensure that students are free to learn with their favorite apps but a level of authority and supervision is also maintained within the classroom. Let’s just accept the fact that today’s students live in the world where content is just not enough. They’re addicted to their smartphones, web 2.0 and social media and they just cannot be expected to find a great deal of interest in old textbooks and obligatory notebooks.

They ought to be approached in a way that could interest and engage them making education fun. Production of forgettable work can only be stopped if innovation is brought to the creative technical front. It may be considered a challenging shift at first as the classroom environment would be changed significantly but that would only be for good. What needs to be understood and accepted is that the goal is not just information synthesis but actual learning.

It can only be hoped that creation is the future of education. Learning, developing more skills and having fun doing that is the real futuristic approach.

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