Choosing A Good Learning Management System (LMS)

The term learning management system is no longer a novelty for teachers, students, school management and parents. Since a good number of educational institutions have adopted different sorts of LMS, it is now considered an essential part of learning. However, despite the success ratio of LMS, many schools do not really give it the status of a revolutionary solution.

But why do schools struggle with the LMS in the first place? The answer is simple. The first step of success of an LMS is identification of the targets. What do you want it to do for you? This is most neglected part when it comes to the technological solutions for schools. Also, the LMS is not one-size-fits-all as the needs of different schools may differ from each other. Below are the few points that must be focused before choosing an LMS for your school:

Identify the teachers’ requirements:

Hundreds of solutions are available for teachers out there. All have their advantages but choosing the right combination that fits the unique needs of a teacher is important. It must be made sure that the solution you choose is likeable, scalable and compliant with your unique needs and vision. The most desirable LMS solution for schools is one with simplicity, ease of use and flexibility (customizability). Certainly every teacher would love to use all their favorite tools while staying on the same page and prepare, edit and share their presentations on a unified interface. Also, for the solution providers it is important to interact with the teachers and try to find out what would best suit them in terms of technology.

Focus on the most productive features:

This is pretty obvious when it comes to the classroom technology. Productivity of the features mainly decides whether it is worth spending money on or not. Most of the time people choose a product because of modules and functionalities that are most commonly used and new features are often easily ignored. It is important to find and choose and technology that has something to offer for everyone in the school. A technology that serves a purpose of uniting everything on a single platform will do most good to your institution. Moreover, customization is an important factor because a technology that is not flexible enough to adapt to the existing processes of your school won’t be as good as a customizatble solution.

Connection with the community:

It is important for the schools communicate with the community. Keeping the parents updated about the progress of their children and preparing ground for the new admissions is an integral part of our education system. The students, teachers and course offering change over time. The old communities are replaced by the new ones and it becomes difficult for the school administration to maintain accurate data. Therefore, it is a great plus for a solution if it can be integrated with the existing data applications as it spares the school administration the fuss of transferring data from one system to the other.


With the evolution of technology, customization is no longer a perk; it’s a “must”. A good LMS should offer the flexibility to customize the system according to your needs. Most of the times schools don’t spend much time focusing on the technicalities and just accept whatever the developers hand over to them. But customization is very important in the context of the current education system so if a development company does not offer you a tailored system, they are not the right option for you.

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