5 Teacher Habits That Make Students Hate School

Teachers are essentially dislikeable by the majority of students for a variety of reasons, Right? WRONG!!! They say you don’t hate someone because they are fat rather they’re fat because you hate them. Similarly, students don’t hate teachers because they teach, they hate them because they teach the wrong way.

A grumpy, sore, overly critical and ineffective teacher is the top reason why kids think school is no fun. However things can improve drastically if teachers leave behind ten habits that annoy students and make the school a boring place. Below are those ten annoying teacher habits:

Rigid approach:

The top bad habit of teachers is the rigidity of their stance. “What I’ve said is final and nobody is allowed to argue further”. This is the sentence that you often hear from a dislikeable teacher. They don’t care to explain why something is right or why it is wrong rather they just impose their opinion on the students leaving a thousand questions unanswered. Even if their opinion or stance is right, they finality of their tone makes students hate their approach towards delivering knowledge as students of today are more skeptic than ever and they need to be satisfied with logic.

The solution: As a teacher, do your research before entering the class and equip yourself with the tools that can help you deliver the message more effectively.

Strict control:

Remember you’re their teacher not their boss. Teachers with bad habits often tend to be control freaks and do not give students their due space. Although a fair level of authority should be maintained in the class but overdoing this aspect can make students secretly revolt against the teacher which in turn, can hamper their learning process.

The solution: Be light and creative in the class and give students the liberty to learn their own way in order to maximize the learning outcomes.


Nothing makes a class more boring than a teacher’s monotony. Students like experiencing new things everyday but the monotony of a teacher eventually makes them stop processing the information they receive. After all nobody likes seeing the action replay of their previous class.

The solution: Prepare colorful slides, share videos, interesting documents and incorporate interesting excerpts from different sources in your lectures. Students will definitely be more interested if they found something different and interesting to facilitate their learning.

Unexplained grading:

Of all things, unexplained grading makes students begrudge their teachers the most. They feel betrayed, victimized and sore when a teacher fails to explain why they got the unexpected grades and why their fellows scored better. A teacher should explain the grading criteria clearly even before the exam is conducted but in large classrooms it becomes difficult at times to make things go as smoothly as planned.

The solution: Use a shared platform to explain the grading criteria for exams and encourage students to give their suggestions and opinion their so everything can remain streamlined.

Underestimating the students:

Students are smarter than you think. Most teachers have trouble believing this fact but students actually think a lot more than you believe. Saying phrases like “I expect no good from you” or I had already expected the bad result” is downright annoying and makes students believe that your expectation shall never comply with their actual capabilities.

The solution: Always be optimistic in your approach towards the students. Boosting up their self-confidence will improve a lot of things in your classroom.


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