Interactive White Board

With an Interactive Whiteboard you can enrich your lesson with all sorts of content (pictures, videos and audio etc), edit and add to it! Once connected to a computer, it enables you to control your desktop right from the whiteboard! It’s especially meant for creative teachers that are always looking for ways to engage their students more actively!

  • Editing Tool – Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Enlarger, Screen-clearing
  • Subject Tool – Abundant Geometry objects (lines, shapes, Symbols etc) for teachers to teach Math. Chemistry and physics symbols and tools can make scientific presentation more vivid.

Interactive Whiteboard [ FAQs ]

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?
Taleem Portal brings to Pakistan the world’s latest classroom presentation device – Interactive Whiteboard. It may sound like an ordinary whiteboard but it is anything but ordinary. An Interactive Whiteboard connects to a regular computer and projector to give you not only an image of your desktop but also lets you manipulate that image and control your desktop through the board. This way an Interactive Whiteboard gives two points of input to the user, one is the conventional way i.e. through the computer and the other is through the interactive whiteboard itself.
What can I do with an Interactive Whiteboard?
An interactive whiteboard allows you to:
  1. Add color to your lessons by drawing or displaying various shapes and pictures on the board during lectures.
  2. Add animations, movies and sounds etc. to enrich your lesson.
  3. Take quizzes of students by setting timer and monitoring their progress.
  4. Arouse interest of students by giving them ample opportunity to participate in the lecture
  5. View and share with the class mathematical graphs, periodic table and other lecture resources instantly and collectively.
  6. Take notes during lectures and save them at the spot for future reference.
An Interactive Whiteboard’s use is limited only by the teacher’s creativity!
Why an Interactive Whiteboard?
With an Interactive Whiteboard in a classroom, you get to:
  1. Motivate students by giving them an opportunity to come up to the board and unleash their intellectual and creative skills.
  2. Captivate and grab attention of students by giving colorful and rich lessons that are appealing to the senses.
  3. Research suggests that with these boards in classroom, retention (attendance) rates have been reported to jump to 97.1%!
  4. The next generation of students are part of the multimedia world and therefore, very friendly with such devices. Use games and other interactive programs to educate students in a manner that is fun and enjoyable for them!
How many types of Interactive Whiteboards is Taleem Portal offering?
There are many types of Interactive Whiteboards available today but after intense research and analysis we decided to offer mainly two types of boards to the Pakistani educational institutions.
  1. Electro-magnetic Series
  2. These boards can be operated with just about anything – finger, pen, stylus etc.
    Model No: BT3202-H83
    Size: 83” (Standard)
    Users: Two at a time
    Calibration: 4-Point
    Connection: USB
    Resolution: 8192 x 8192
    Power Consumption: <5W
    Working Temperature: -20 °C - 70° C
    Warranty: 1 Year for Whole Product, 3 Years for PCB
    Overall Area (cm): 176 x 128 x 5.5
    Active Area (cm): 163 x 115
    Gross Weight: 33 kg
  3. Infrared Series
Why only offer electro-magnetic and infrared Interactive Whiteboards?
The answer is simple – these are most durable keeping in mind Pakistani classrooms and cost effective. Both of these boards come with a solid surface which is needle-proof and easily cleanable. They can withstand rough usage and at the same time fulfill their educational purpose quite effectively.
    1. They are very durable. Especially for Pakistani classrooms where student usage can get a bit rough.
    2. They have a solid surface that is needle-proof and pretty easy to clean and maintain.
    3. They are cost effective. We have developed special understanding with our partners to provide these world class tools at a highly reasonable price.
    4. They effectively fulfill all educational purpose of an Interactive Whiteboard.
Who is the manufacturer of these Interactive Whiteboards?
Taleem Portal has partnered with LIHE China one of the leading educational equipment manufacturer to provide Interactive Whiteboards in Pakistan.
Why LIHEChina’s Interactive Whiteboard?
  1. Reliable:
    1. No matter how quickly you write, LIHEboard allows precise calibration and extraordinary accuracy, which supports your handwriting smoothly.
    2. WARRANTY: Board 10 years and Accessories 2 years
    3. Quality Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO14001, CE & RoHS.
  2. Simple Maintenance:
    1. With modular-design circuit, you can easily change the chip if necessary without dismounting the Interactive Whiteboard!
    2. Needle Proof/Solid Surface especially designed for classroom purpose, it is easy to clean and maintain!
  3. Easy & Convenient:
    1. Operate computer directly on the whiteboard as well as write or annotate with comfortably designed electronic pen or finger/wand, which has double-click function.
    2. No less than 18 hot-keys on both sides of the board, with at least two keys customizable!
    3. Uses ordinary network transmission cable that is economical and without signal transmission missing!
    4. Comes with comprehensive software that accommodates all teaching needs (Writing, Editing, Screen, Subject & Accessory tools!)
What is the price of Taleem Portal’s Interactive Whiteboard?
Our prices are very reasonable and provide good value for money.
Please click the get a quote tab and fill out the required information to get a quote right away!
How do I order?
Once you have requested a quote, our team will be in touch with you and guide you through the process.
How long does it take for Taleem Portal to deliver the order?
It all depends on the quantity you order. It takes about 2 weeks to process a ‘1 piece’ order and deliver it at your doorstep!