Interactive Touch Screen

Taleem Portal brings to Pakistan all-in-one touch screen where users can operate the screen by using fingers, pen or stylus! You no longer need a projector! This amazing LCD screen helps increase interaction of users in a manner that has never been done before! Students can scroll through newspapers, websites and lectures etc. Now the world’s on your finger tips!

Touch Screen [ FAQs ]

What is a Touch Screen?
A touch screen is a great innovation in the world of technology where an LCD screen does not only display all the images but also lets you manipulate and control them as well.
What technology is a Touch Screen using?
Our Touch Screens are mainly using infra-red technology.
How is it different from Touch/Infrared Interactive Whiteboards?
The difference is quite a lot:
  1. With a Touch LCD Screen you can use it as a TV too.
  2. A Touch Screen does not require a projector.
  3. It can come with an in-built operating system as well (optional) which would make it a complete processing system!
What are the uses of aTouch Screen?
A Touch Screen can be used for many purposes:
  1. Students and teachers can use it as a complete lecture tool.
  2. The teacher does not need to connect a projector as the screen connects directly to the computer and displays interactive content.
  3. You can provide it to your students for viewing different website, news and other interactive content easily and in a manner that’s quite fun!
  4. It’s a tech gadget that can be used in school’s head offices for showing admission, result and other such information to parents and students
What are the technical specifications of a Touch Screen?
Technology: Infrared
Sizes: 55" 60" 65"
Touch point: Multi-touch, enable two fingers write and touch
Resolution: 4096 x 4096
Response Speed ≦ 8ms
Input Method: Finger, pen, stylus or opaque object
Touch Times: Unlimited
Interface: USB
Linearity Error: ±1.5mm
Support system: Win XP (single touch), Win 7 32&64bit (multi-touch)
Warranty: 1 year
Certificates: CE & RoHS
Who is the manufacturer of these Touch Screens?
Taleem Portal has partnered with LIHE China to provide this wonderful tool at a highly subsidized rate to educational institutions in Pakistan!
What is the price of a Touch Screen?
Just click on the ‘Get a quote’ tab and fill out the form so we can contact you right away!
How do I order it?
Once you have requested a quote, our team will be in touch with you and guide you through the process.
How long does it take for Taleem Portal to deliver the order?
It all depends on the quantity you order. It takes about 2 weeks to process a ‘1 piece’ order and deliver it at your doorstep!