Interactive Tablet

Tablets can be used by teachers as well as students. These amazing hand-held devices are made especially for paperless classroom s and are quite simple to use! The teacher can use it to control the Interactive Whiteboard while taking a round of the classroom, interacting with his or her students. On the other hand students can use it to work in a paperless environment, interacting directly with the Interactive Whiteboard while sitting on their seats!

Tablet [ FAQs ]

What is a Tablet?
A tablet is a hand-held device that pairs up with an Interactive Whiteboard and shows you the exact image that appears on the board.
What is the use of a Tablet?
A tablet helps you control the interactive whiteboard while sitting on your chair or moving around in the class. You can use a pen or touch to simply control every feature of your whiteboard and share it with your audience. If you give tablets to your audience, the audience can also interact with the board and give their comments and input instantly.
What if I don’t want audience to manipulate with my presentation with a Tablet?
That’s quite a genuine need. Therefore, our Tablets come with the feature of disallowing audience interaction. They can view what is being shown on the board but not interact with it.
How many types of Tablets is Taleem Portal offering in Pakistan?
We are mainly offering two types:
  1. Electro-magnetic : This Tablet requires a pen to interact with the image.
  2. Infra-red : This Tablet can be operated with the fingers.
What are the technical specifications of a Tablet?
  1. Technical Principle : Electromagnetic Pen Technology
  2. Active Area (LxW) : 6"×4" (152×101mm)
  3. TabletSize (LxWxH) : 245×20×235mm
  4. Pressure Level : 1024 Levels
  5. Resolution : Electromagnetic Pen Technology
  6. Technical Principle : 4000 LPI
  7. Accuracy : ±0.1mm
  8. Signal Tracking Rate : 0.5m/S
  9. Report Rate : 133 pps
  10. Wireless & Battery Free Pen : Yes
  11. Reading Height : 7mm
  12. Utility Switches : 2 (wake up button & channel switch button)
  13. Pen Weight : 10.1g
  14. Pen Pressure Range : Ranged from the strength of 7 gram up to 500 gram
  15. Pen Size : Φ11*134.7mm
  16. Pen Touch Express Key (Optional) : (14) Pen Touch Express Keys on Tablet overlay
  17. Radio Frequency & Remote Distance 2.4G : 25-100 (meters)
  18. Tablet Power Supply : USB
  19. Power Requirement : Charging Time of Li-Battery
  20. Working Time of Li-Battery : 48 hrs for continuous operation
  21. Multiple Pairing Supported : One receiver pairs up to 63 wireless tablets
  22. Channels : Interference-free capability ; 16 channels manually switched
  23. N.W.(Tablet&Pen) : 0.568kg
  24. G.W. (Whole Set) : 1150g
  25. Cable Length : 2000mm
  26. Operating Temperature : 10℃-40℃
  27. Storage Temperature : -5℃-55℃
  28. Storage Humidity : 20%-93% (40℃)
  29. Certification : FCC/CE/RoHS
Who is the manufacturer of these Tablets?
Taleem Portal has partnered with LIHE China to provide these high-tech Tablets to educational Institutes in Pakistan.
What is the price of these Tablets?
All the solutions that we are offering to Pakistan’s educational schools are quite cost effective. Please click the ‘Get a quote’ tab and fill out the required information to get a quote!
How do I order a Tablet in Pakistan?
Once you have been delivered a quote and are satisfied with our pricing, our team would give get in touch with you over e-mail, phone or personal visit.
How long does it take Taleem Portal to process an order?
It depends on the size of your order. However, a ‘1 piece’ order takes about 2 to process and deliver at your doorstep in Pakistan!