Due to the diversity and the quantity of curriculum of natural science education, it is almost impossible to demonstrate the full range of curriculum with traditional presentation assets. The other problem when using these assets is the demonstration of the complex and difficult procedures. All these problems result in a great burden in the education of natural sciences, therefore e-animations corp. (Hungary) has developed GENOM software package as a solution.

This development provides an expense effective solution and an up-to-date, interactive and interesting 3D presentation for teachers of such sciences. (Genome 2.0 demo video)

GENOM Human body

In GENOM Human body software pack the numerous organs of the human body can be viewed in a special way.

During the observation of anatomy there is an opportunity to examine important parts in a more detailed way with the help of the built hotspots. These hotspots are such active points on human body which indicate organs that can be studied independently. These hotspots can even help in learning languages, as the certain active points can contain subtitles in more languages.

Above this function, there is an opportunity to rotate in 360⁰ all the organs and to change their views.

The Human Body contains the following parts:

- Head
- Limbs
- Internal Organs
- Skeleton

GENOM Plants

GENOM Plants product demonstrates the wide spectrum of plants according to habitat and taxonomy.
The software enables us to examine in a 3D environment the set-up of fruits, flowers or vegetables. With this study we can better learn this very difficult biological segment without damaging nature. Such botanical processes - that cannot be visible to naked eye – will be accessible and draws pupils’ attention to this topic.
The related modules for Plants software:
Vegetables & Fruit
Alga, Moss & Fern
Mushrooms & Lichen
Climatic Groups:
Tropical, Cold Temperate, Continental & Mediterranean

GENOM - Animals

Genom Animals product lines up the certain species according to their habitat and biological order. The software also contains some special entities of the animal kingdom, which are not part of the school curriculum, however can be interesting for pupils. Animals such as Axolot, jellyfish and platypus can be found on the software for example.
The animal package of our biological software has increased with many high-detailed and realistic models, which contain the full internal organic system, anatomy and musculature. Such models are for instance, the horse, cat or the octopus. The software demonstrates in a very detailed way the features of a given class of unicellars, reptiles or mammalia (and so on).
The Animals package presents in a full 3D environment the body, musculature, anatomy and internal organic system of certain animals.
The modular set-up of the “Animals” product enables the user to create a unique software package for himself. The user can choose from the following modules:
- Unicellulars
- Fish
- Molluscs and amphibians
- Reptiles
- Mammalia
- Zoology of the seas
- Birds